February, 2018
Second Phase of relocation :
office spaces shifted to building 18 and renovation of lab spaces in building 19   
July, 2017
2017 Peformance Review of IBS CCES was carried out   
September, 2015
Group Leader Je-Geun Park appointed as Associate Director
Professor Changyoung Kim joined IBS CCES as Associate Direcotor and also in charge of Group 3 Electronic Structure   
August, 2013
Official name of the center is changed from CFI-CES to Center for Correlated Electron Systems (CCES : 강상관계 물질 연구단)    
June, 2013
First phase of relocation :
CFI-CES major facilities transferred to building 19        
January-April, 2013
Renovation of building 19       
August, 2012
Inauguration of CFI-CES :
Group 1 Atomic-Scale Epitaxy (ASE)
Group 2 Emergent Phenomena
April, 2012
Professor Tae Won Noh was selected as the director of IBS Center for Functional Interfaces of Correlated Electron Systems (CFI-CES: 강상관계 물질 기능성 계면 연구단)